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Ways to Give

FFA programs across the state provide students with an education in agriculture, science, technology and leadership, all while providing opportunities for hands-on application of knowledge and skills. Contributions to the Mississippi FFA Foundation help sponsor educational opportunities, scholarships and competitions for Mississippi FFA members. As a full-service public charity, the Foundation accepts all types of contributions. If you can imagine the donation, whether as an individual or a corporation, the Foundation can make it happen.  

The Grow! Lead! Inspire! Initiative is a vision to increase funding for the Mississippi FFA Foundation with the intention of supporting the Mississippi FFA Association and it’s day-to-day operations.

Foundation Proposal

“Growing our Organization Outward and Upward”

The GROW! Initiative focuses on personal and professional opportunities for student growth at the chapter, state and national levels.  This initiative is the first step to planting seeds and investing in youth within our organization.  Sponsoring the GROW! Initiative encourages our membership as it continues to grow in size, strength and leadership abilities.

Initiative Focus Areas:

  • Career Development Events

  • Supervised Agricultural Experiences - Proficiency Awards

  • Stars Over Mississippi

  • Agricultural Awareness and Outreach Programs

  • Officer 2 Officer E-Continuum for Leadership Training

“Leading our Organization

into a New Era”

The LEAD! Initiative provides our FFA members with experiences to lead our chapters, communities and country by providing hands-on training and applying important qualities of leadership to address real world challenges.  By investing in the LEAD! Initiative, our members are learning how to become leaders who can handle the growing challenges of today and tomorrow.


Initiative Focus Areas:

  • State Officer Selection Process

  • Delegate Committee Process

  • State Officer Support Fund

  • Legislative Breakfast

  • FFA Advocacy Programs

  • FFA Association and Foundation Board Meetings

“Inspiring our Members to Change Our Communities and Our World”

The INSPIRE! Initiative focuses on key experiences that our members have in the FFA and the agriculture education classroom that will , inspire them to take action as servant leaders in their communities, region, state and nation.  Investing in the INSPIRE! Initiative provides our members with a chance to live out our State FFA Motto: “Living to Serve.”


Initiative Focus Areas:

  • Summer Leadership Camp

  • State FFA Convention

  • National FFA Convention

  • 212/360 Conference

  • State Officer Support

Platinum Sponsor

> $10,000

Grow! Lead Inspire! Title Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

$9,999 - $7,500

Focus Area

Title Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

$7,499 - $5,000

Event Title Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

$4,999 - $2,500



5 Star Sponsor

$2,499 - $1,000


Be a part of our Grow! Lead! Inspire! Initiative!  To learn more how you can be a part of this Vision of Growth for Mississippi FFA, contact Malcolm at

Learn more about the Grow! Lead! Inspire! Initiative 

We Care Initiative

The We Care. Initiative empowers employees to invest in the future of agriculture in Mississippi and beyond.  The challenge encourages employees to match donations made to Mississippi FFA by their company/organization.


“As agriculturalists, we believe in our future and know it is up to the next generation of FFA members to grow leaders, build communities and strengthen American agriculture.  By investing in them now, we ensure that the future of agriculture remains bright for years to come.”

To make an individual contribution, use our Donate page!

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